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Software Analysis Process that Could Save Your Web

A few months ago, I got a question about the search feature on the web. The feature is to be used on an e-commerce store and it has to be fast and efficient. Of course, it was the interview question. If I did not answer it well, how could I get the job? Well, I just wanted to share my answer here. Search... It seems like it is a simple thing that ... Read More
Category: Tech | Tags: optimization, web, design, software, search

The Importance of Project Planing and Scrum

After the long working day, you want to commit and push your code before leaving the office, right? You call it the day. Then, the next day you come back and you saw someone else pushed the code in the middle of the night, and merged it to master, and deployed to the production server, and the change gave you the nightmare: conflicts everywhere! T ... Read More
Category: Tech | Tags: scrum, planning, management

Missing Quality Attributes

Any software development degrees should already include Software Architecture in the curriculum. Anyway, in practice, most people just simply... forget them. In order to build a good software, we need to remember some quality attributes - because we want to build it to "last", not to "die". And imagine how people are working today. It was not long ... Read More
Category: Tech | Tags: software, architecture, attributes, quality

GIT and Scrum, the Two Most Important Things in Coding

Agile Scrum is the methodology that most tech teams around the world use. For every project, it has to be broken down wisely into subtasks, and picked up for implementation at the beginning of the cycle, "the iteration". Each person can take one or multiple subtasks of the project, or projects, to fill in the required number of hours in the iterati ... Read More
Category: Tech | Tags: scrum, git, planning, management, agile

Why Not Breaking It Down?

When you have a new project and the project could last very long, consisting of thousands of lines of code to be changed, added, or deleted, would you break it down? Of course, it could be much easier to do the breakdown of the task into subtasks and do it, one by one, function by function, and do the unit test for each of the modules. Separately. ... Read More
Category: Tech | Tags: tech, planning, project, management, sprint, agile

The Death of Models???

In the late 2010s, many frameworks offer the super Model class that allows you to pass all the logic from the controller without asking you to do anything at the model, except for some easy works like... telling the superclass what is the table name, or the PK field name. But is that a good idea? Cool. That's a good question. Despite adding some ... Read More
Category: Tech | Tags: model, mvc, programming

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