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Pre-LGBT Era

Before we accept LGBT people in our society, we were living in a binary world where there were only men and women. And any other genders were not accepted. Homosexuality was a crime in so many countries. But, sexual harassment was also a crime. When men do something wrong with the women, e.g. molestation, sexual abuse, assault, rape, etc, men also get punished by law. The same goes for women if they did something wrong. And we never prepared anything for the same-sex abuse, assault, rape, etc, because, naturally, people of the same-gender would never want to do something like that to each other.


People are more open to LGTB people nowadays, and anyone could simply choose to cross-dress or even change their own sex. I also heard that one of my relatives already remove his her unwanted genital. Another ex-colleague of mine also had her long-desired penis added to her his body, and he messed up with the company's application form by using Mr despite the fact that his official document was still Miss at the time. So, yes, we are open.

And it's fun to learn more about people because we are different.


There is one thing I would like to highlight. Many people around us are already really open, and of course, I am also open. I have so many friends who are gays and I also know that doing anything against LGBT is categorized as discrimination. So, yes, I will not do anything against LGBT people. We could also be friends. Anyway, as many guys experienced some kind of not-so-good circumstances, I have to say this:

No one wants to be molested, sexually abused, nor raped.

I believe that gays also don't want girls to touch their private parts, same thing here, guys also don't want gays to touch their parts. And well, guys still have no right to touch girls' bodies without permission. What justifies gays to touch guys' bodies without permission?

I saw so many cases when gays sexually abused guys and yelled that guys discriminated against them after they were rejected. In this case, guys did not discriminate against gays, guys were protecting themselves against the abuse by gays. So, let's make it clear here: we have to respect each other. Guys don't sexually abuse girls, and gays also don't sexually abuse guys. And no one can sexually abuse anyone.

To me, you can befriend me, I don't care whatever gender you are. If you are interested in my penis, you can ask for permission to see and/or touch it. I could say that the answer could ... probably ... be yes, if you are nice enough. But the whole point of everything I would like to say is "respect".

Well... Happy PRIDE Month!

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