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I’m Ratinan “Nat” Lee (Chinese: 李荣钦 (Lǐ Róngqīn/Lee Rongqin), Sanskrit: रतिनंद (Ratinand), Thai: รตินันท์ (Rátìnan)), a high-energy software engineer/web developer who could work fast and adapt well to the organizational standards. I have been working in various global companies such as DST Worldwide Services and Secretlab, with experiences in developing and maintaining high-performance software for heavy usages.

In 2020, I’m finally a Singapore PR. I migrated here to Singapore since 2014, first as a student at Nanyang Technological University. I studied M.Sc. in Information Systems and graduated in 2015. After that, I’ve worked for a few companies in Singapore.

And as a software engineer in a non-tech company, I’m looking forward to finding a new job that would allow me to catch up with the current technology. Technology is evolving rapidly and after a few years, I found myself desire to get back to the mainstream Tech Industry.

As a Christian, I go to the Church regularly. And I also love traveling.
I have worked for a few companies, e.g. DST, BuzzCity, Secretlab.
I studied in Bangkok, before I moved to Singapore in 2014.
I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1989.

Nat Lee At A Glance

Birth Year
1989 (age: 31 years)

Full Name
Ratinan Leela-Ngamwongsa

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